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13/02/2012 - 19:13

Malta news: education no game

Malta news: education no game -‘Education is no game’ – PM - A third of Malta's young are missing family upbringing - Mgr Grech - Woman jailed 10 years, fined €23,000 for drug trafficking, money laundering.

Malta news: education no game
‘Education is no game’ – PM
Criticising the Opposition for declaring it will vote against an Education Bill currently being discussed in parliament, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said yesterday that education is no game, and he promised to continue working for the benefit of everyone. Dr Gonzi was addressing a political activity on education, in St Paul’s Bay, which will have its local council election on 10 March. Education Minister Dolores Cristina and former KSU president Karl Grech, also spoke. Dr Gonzi said every child has a right to education and it is very important to invest every cent possible into it. His party will therefore continue to exercise policies to give the best to everyone. It did not make sense for the Opposition to have expressed agreement with the Education Bill, but at the same time declare it was going to vote against it.(independent.com.mt) It is obvious that the Prime Minister is working for the country, and that education is not a game.

A third of Malta's young are missing family upbringing - Mgr Grech
Gozo Bishop Mario Grech has warned that in 20 years' time, a third of Malta's adults would have grown up without enjoying the unique experience of a proper family upbringing. Speaking during a Qalb tad-Deheb Prize activity held by the Cana Movement, Mgr Grech said that nothing substituted a family upbringing for character formation . It should, therefore, be a matter of concern that almost a third of babies were currently born out of wedlock. This meant that in 20 years' time, a third of the young adults would have been denied the experience of a proper family upbringing. Those who wanted to have a long-term view for the country needed to work hard to ensure that Maltese families were not weakened and that the family value continued to be held dear, the bishop said. Mgr Grech suggested that an Association for the Family could be set up to safeguard the rights of the family in various sectors, such as education, health, work, entertainment, politics and the economy. To date, he said, the family had left others to speak for it, but the time had come for the family itself to have a direct voice in the socio-political debate.(timesofmalta.com) Today the family is perhaps the only thing in which we can trust, we must cultivate.

Woman jailed 10 years, fined €23,000 for drug trafficking, money laundering
A woman was jailed for 10 years and fined €23,000 today after she admitted drug trafficking, money laundering and loitering for purposes of prostitution. Lorraine Vella made her admission shortly before she was meant to stand trial by jury. According to the Bill of indictment a police patrol in Ta' Xbiex and Gzira on August 4, 2007 intercepted a car with two women inside. The officers search the car and the two women. As she came out of her car, Vella threw away a canister which was found to contain drug-related items and some heroin. Other items used for drug-taking were found in her handbag. A camcorder case found in the car was full of banknotes of various currencies. In all there were Lm10,570, €7,790 and US$1,000. Also found in the car were gold items having a value of €1,824, three ATM cards and a Visa card. The accused did not cooperate with the police and actually threw her mobile phone down a toilet at police headquarters. The SIM card was never recovered. Ms Vella claimed she had been keeping the money for a friend, who worked in timeshare, but gave no details about him and did not back her claims.(timesofmalta.com) All cases of drugs and prostitution reflect poorly Malta, we must stop them, because they are too unlawful.

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