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09/01/2012 - 11:49

Malta news: electoral campaign

Malta news: electoral campaign - Gonzi sets tone for electoral campaign; JPO says election is inevitable - ‘Politics means serving people and country, not oneself’ – PM - ‘We want to guarantee stability in the country’s interest’ – Muscat.

Malta news: electoral campaign
Gonzi sets tone for electoral campaign; JPO says election is inevitable
Updated with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's Facebook comments at 1:50pm. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi set the tone for an imminent electoral campaign by roaring the famous PN slogan "Is-sewwa jirbaħ żgur" which was the PN battle cry for many past electoral victories. Gonzi hinted the party might need some time to regroup but promised the crowd of supporters that they will soon shout together "Is-sewwa jirbaħ żgur"  when the party will ask the country to reconfirm its faith in it. In a clear reference to Franco Debono, who was never mentioned by name, Gonzi said his plan was to hold elections at the end of this legislature's term however it did not necessarily depend on him. Gonzi said recent events are worrying and the people are worried that a reshuffle has caused a political crisis because "somebody wanted to become a minister. This is not the most important matter. The real issue is who can really create work and modernise the country". Gonzi asked whether it is the PL, who opposed important reforms and who believes that private enterprise cannot go forward without state intervention or the PN that should govern the country. Gonzi said the PN has proved itself in the last 25 years and urged the people to "remember what we achieved in the last 25 years when we'll ask for the people's trust," Gonzi reminded that in 2008 he had asked the people to vote for the PN because he "returned the country to the people in better shape and stronger."(maltatoday.com.mt)

‘Politics means serving people and country, not oneself’ – PM
A political activity that started and ended with cheers of “Gonzi! Gonzi!” and chants of political slogans had Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi stating that politics means serving the people and the country, not oneself. “Those who put personal ambitions first should move out of the political scene,” he told a mass of PN supporters at the Marsaxlokk PN club during an activity that was broadcast on the party’s station Radio 10, as is customary every Sunday. Dr Gonzi said this is “a moment of trial for the party and the country”, following last Friday’s appointment of three new ministers and the split of the Justice and Home Affairs Ministry – the latter a request PN backbencher Franco Debono has been making for many weeks, but which did not appease the MP who later called for the Prime Minister’s resignation.(independent.com.mt)

‘We want to guarantee stability in the country’s interest’ – Muscat
We are at a very important time for the country and the priority is stability, which can be achieved by means of a responsible movement that works in the country’s interest and not in the interest of partisan politics, said Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat, at a Labour Party activity in Rabat, yesterday morning. The meeting was on the theme ‘Għaqal fit-Tmexxija’ (Wisdom in Leadership). “This is what has been guiding us and what will continue to guide us in the future,” Dr Muscat said. “Elections come and go but the country remains.” The decisions Labour will be taking in the future are based on the country’s needs and those of our children, irrespective of political colour, religion or race. “This is why we are acting with prudence,” he continued. “The politics of today and tomorrow requests us to look beyond the surface. We want to guarantee stability.” Today’s situation was the result of a government and a prime minister moving from one crisis to another. Since the beginning of the term, the government had to deal with the St John’s Co- Cathedral controversy, the BWSC contract and the Delimara Power Station extension, and problems in the new public transport system. This led to calls for several votes against the government in Parliament, Dr Muscat said.(independent.com.mt)

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