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17/07/2012 - 23:48

Malta news: fresh allegations

Malta news: fresh allegations - Eurozone - Malta with the highest inflation rate - Appeals Court confirms that Naxxar grounds licensed for holding of trade fairs - PN executive meeting today as RCC denies PL’s fresh allegations.

Malta news: fresh allegations
PN executive meeting today as RCC denies PL’s fresh allegations
The highly-anticipated meeting of the PN executive committee scheduled for 5pm today is being shrouded in further controversy following new allegations made against Richard Cachia Caruana in the Labour media yesterday. The same allegations prompted a categorical denial by Cachia Caruana. MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando is expected to press his case for Mr Cachia Caruana to be expelled from the Nationalist Party in this evening’s meeting. According to a story published by Labour’s portal Maltastar yesterday morning the former EU Ambassador was quoted saying that two former Nationalist Ministers were involved in the murder attempt which nearly took his life in Mdina in December 1994. Maltastar said that it has seen evidence which shows that Cachia Caruana has “no doubts” of his claims. These two Ministers had formed part of Eddie Fenech Adami’s cabinet. In a statement later on during the day the former EU ambassador categorically denied the allegation that Nationalist Ministers might have been implicated in the attempt on his life or that he had ever thought such a thing. “To suggest that I believed this and continued to work with them is shocking and betrays poor understanding of human nature” he remarked. Mr Cachia Caruana stated that “Anybody who followed the trial of three individuals for attempting to kill me in 1994 will know exactly who I – but more pertinently, the police – believe was involved in that attempt.”(independent.com.mt) Although men suffer from poor understanding of themselves, but we are so complicated ...

Eurozone - Malta with the highest inflation rate
Malta registered the highest inflation rate in the eurozone in June, along with Estonia, figures published by Eurostat yesterday show. Malta and Estonia registered a 4.4% inflation rate while the lowest annual rates were observed in Sweden (0.9%), Greece (1%) and Bulgaria (1.6%). The highest inflation rate was observed in Hungary (5.6%) but Hungary is not in the eurozone. Compared with May 2012, annual inflation fell in eight member states, remained stable in eight and rose in 10.-(independent.com.mt) We take courage.

Appeals Court confirms that Naxxar grounds licensed for holding of trade fairs
The Court of Appeal has found that a decision of the Director of Commercial Services in the Trade Department to ignore a court judgment for the issue of a licence for the holding of a fair in the Naxxar Fair Grounds was a dangerous precedent which undermined the authority of the courts and the Rule of Law. This decision was delivered by Mr Justice Raymond C Pace presiding over the Court of Appeal (in its inferior jurisdiction) in a case filed by Paul Abela and TFEA Ltd against the director. The court heard that Mr Abela and the company had filed judicial action after the refusal of the director to issue a licence for the holding of  trade fair in the Naxxar Trade Fair Grounds. In 2010, following a previous application filed by Mr Abela and the company, the First Hall of the Civil Court had ordered the Director to consider the application for the licence to hold the trade fair. The Director had subsequently refused to issue the licence and Mr Abela and the company appealed to the Licensing Appeals Board. In June of last year the Board had found in favour of Mr Abela and the company. The Board found that the Naxxar Trade Fair Grounds were licensed premises for the holding of trade fairs. Mr Abela and the company's application for a licence to hold a fair had therefore been refused without valid reason at law. On his part the Director submitted that he had discretionary powers to decide upon the issue of a licence after seeing what impact a licence could have on the environment and on the implementation of public policy. The Director submitted that the Central Malta Local Plan of 2006 had stipulated that in the event that the Trade Fair activity ceased to operate in Naxxar, then MEPA would not permit the continued use of this site as a trade fair. Furthermore, the Trade Fair Grounds had been used as an electoral counting hall since the Local Plan was published, the Director had argued.(timesofmalta.com) The Appeals Courtdoes its work.

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