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19/03/2012 - 22:54

Malta news: learder should resign

Malta news: learder should resign - PM lauds achievements in health - Leader of the House should resign – Muscat - Woman compensated for collapse of her home - 17 years on.

Malta news: learder should resign
PM lauds achievements in health
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi focused on health in the Nationalist Party’s customary Sunday political event yesterday, once again stressing that Malta’s health service will remain of a high quality and free of charge. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the event was held in Mosta, the site of the Nationalist Party’s only coup in last week’s local council elections. The party lost a number of local councils and saw its share of the vote decrease significantly, but narrowly regained control of a Mosta council which had been plagued by infighting last time round. But while such public meetings typically focus on a number of issues, yesterday’s event focused solely on health, specifically on the government’s achievements in the field. Health Minister Joe Cassar and also, unusually, two men who had underwent surgery, addressed the crowd along with Dr Gonzi. The two men, Joe Mercieca and Jean Depasquale, had undergone major surgery at Mater Dei Hospital, and both praised the service received and credited the government for its efforts in the sector. Mr Mercieca spent 11 months in hospital and required 18 surgical interventions after a serious accident, and noted that he would have ended up impoverished if not for free healthcare. He also stressed that he received round-the-clock care at both Mater Dei and Karin Grech Hospital.(independent.com.mt) Health is an important sector.

Leader of the House should resign – Muscat
If, as Leader of the House, Home Affairs’ Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici remains unwilling to schedule debate on a motion of no-confidence in him, he should resign from the post temporarily to allow it to take place, Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat said yesterday. Dr Muscat noted that the home affairs’ ministry once again came under scrutiny this week after police sergeant Adrian Lia was charged with stealing €30,000 from the police headquarters. In 2008, Mr Lia was the main witness in the case concerning Nicholas Azzopardi, who died as a result of injuries he sustained in a fall while under police custody, and who claimed before his death that the police was responsible. The Labour leader noted that a political clarification over the matter was sorely needed, before moving on to his party’s motion on justice and home affairs which includes a vote of no-confidence in Dr Mifsud Bonnici. He said that it was unacceptable for the minister to use his secondary role as Leader of the House to avoid a debate and a vote on his performance as minister. As a result, he added, Dr Mifsud Bonnici should either resign temporarily until the vote is held or schedule it as soon as possible.(independent.com.mt) I did not know that a resignation could be temporary.

Woman compensated for collapse of her home - 17 years on
Workers salvage what they could from Mrs Buttigieg's bedroom after her house collapsed in 1995. Seventeen years after next door demolition works also demolished most of her house, Mary Buttigieg, of St Ursola Street, Valletta, has received compensation from the law courts. But she passed away in 2005 without seeing the outcome of the court case instituted in February 1996, with the case having been taken over by her children. The contractor responsible for the works, John Polidano also passed away and the compensation will be paid by his curators. Mrs Buttigieg had instituted legal proceedings against Mr Polidano, Architect Carmel Busuttil (who subsequently also passed away) and Anton Camilleri as director of the Government Property Division. Polidano had been awarded a tender by the Government Property Division to demolish the building which was next door to Mrs Buttigieg's residence. During the works, Mrs Buttigieg's residence collapsed. An architect appointed by the court found that the instructions of architect Busuttil were not fully observed by contractor Polidano.(timesofmalta.com) A real architect would not let a collapse.

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