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28/02/2012 - 19:39

Malta news: power station

Malta news: power station - European Commission wants better protection for birds in Malta - Delimara power station extension ready and under testing - Mepa issues planning statement for undersea cable project.

Malta news: power station
European Commission wants better protection for birds in Malta
The European Commission has asked Malta to improve the protection of birds that pass over its islands in the autumn. Since Malta joined the EU in 2004 it has allowed the autumn trapping of four species of birds protected by EU laws: The turtle dove, quail, golden plover and song thrush. On the recommendation of Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik, the Commission is sending a reasoned opinion to ask Malta to correctly implement the relevant bird protection legislation. If Malta fails to reply within two months, the Commission may refer the case to the EU Court of Justice. In Europe, most wild birds are protected under the Birds Directive, and trapping with large-scale or non-selective methods of capture such as nets is generally prohibited and may only be legally practised under a derogation from the Directive. Such exceptions may only be granted if there is no viable alternative, if the member state respects the strict conditions and requirements laid down in Article 9 of the Directive, and if it can prove to the Commission it has done so.(independent.com.mt) I'm surprised that Malta does not comply with European legislation.

Delimara power station extension ready and under testing
The building of the extension to the power station at Delimara has been completed and testing has started, Finance Minister Tonio Fenech said in reply to a parliamentary question this evening. He said the testing process includes the testing of the boilers and the steam turbine as well as the emissions filtering system. There are 30 days of reliability testing to ensure that the plant meets the environmental standards set in the IPCC permit granted by Mepa. The minister said  payments of €157,463,386 have been made to BWSC so far and €8,671,167 directly related to the contract are pending. The minister said no difficulties in testing have been identified so far.(timesofmalta.com) We rejoice that ny is no issues regarding this project.

Mepa issues planning statement for undersea cable project
An Environment Planning Statement for the undersea cable project between Sicily and Malta has been published by Mepa. The project includes the excavation of a  tunnel to pass 132 kV cables from the proposed  Interconnector terminal station at Maghtab to the Kappara distribution centre and the excavation of a culvert/trench to link the terminal station to the shoreline at Qalet Marku bay. The link to Sicily will be a 245kV 3-core 630mm2 Cu high-voltage AC XLPE submarine cable with two embedded fibre optic units. It will be buried 1.5m below the seabed wherever possible. The cable will be covered with cast iron shells in areas where Posidonia oceanica is present, to minimise environmental impact and it will be covered with rocks in all other areas where it cannot be buried. The interconnection will be approximately 125km long with a 2x225MW capacity. The proposed terminal station will have an area of 9,951 square metres surrounded by agricultural land adjacent to the waste disposal site at Magħtab. The culvert leading from the Magħtab terminal Station to Qalet Marku bay will pass through Triq ir-Ramla to enable the installation of the submarine cable linking Malta to the European electricity grid. The proposed underground tunnel connecting the Magħtab terminal station to the Kappara DC will have two escape shafts spaced out over the tunnel. The tunnel will pass under Magħtab, Għargħur, and Madliena. It will have a width of 5m and a height of about 3m and approximately 3.9 km in length.(timesofmalta.com) Have extra energy is always a good thing.

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