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05/04/2012 - 22:41

Malta news: price rise

Malta news: , - Unused free medicines go to waste - Hunting lions in Kenya is cheaper – Lino Farrugia - Gas prices rise again.

Malta news: price rise
Unused free medicines go to waste
Perhaps the most eye-catching way to show how much free medicine goes to waste on patients who do not use it or require it is to stack it up and put it on display – as the Health Ministry did yesterday afternoon. At a news conference held at the ministry’s offices in Valletta, scores of unused medicines which had been returned to the authorities filled up a sizeable boardroom table. Behind them, Health Minister Joe Cassar remained standing to remain visible to journalists at the other end of the table. Numerous types of pharmaceutical and medical products were on display, including morphine, eye drops, diabetes medication and sedatives. Karl Farrugia, CEO for procurement and supplies within the ministry, observed that the medicines on display would have cost the government around €10,000. The displayed medicines made up only a small proportion of what had been returned by patients or their relatives. But since the returns were voluntary, what had been returned was likely to be a small proportion of what went unused since many would simply keep unused medicines at home, Dr Cassar argued. When asked, Dr Farrugia could not give statistics on how much medicine given to patients by the government went unused, since such returns are voluntary and also since the government does not reuse the products returned.(independent.com.mt) So it is that we must revise the system of distribution of medicines

Hunting lions in Kenya is cheaper – Lino Farrugia
In the wake of the spring hunting dates announced last Tuesday by the government, the secretary of the FKNK, the hunters’ and trappers’ federation, Lino Farrugia said that the situation in Malta is such that it is now cheaper to go hunting for lions in Kenya than bird hunting in Malta. Mr Farrugia made this claim when asked for his reaction by The Malta Independent following the news that the spring hunting season for turtle doves and quails this year will be from 12 to 30 April, both days included. The FKNK secretary, while expressing his disappointment at these dates, pointed out that contrary to the impression being given by the government, a large chunk of the conditions announced are not dictated by the Birds Directive nor by the European Court of Justice but were introduced by the government of its own accord. A clear example is the €50 special licence fee introduced by the government. “If we only consider other recurrent costs, such as the insurance fee which on its own costs €150 and compare the situation with other countries where the special licence covers all costs, it is clear that it has now become cheaper to go hunting for lions in Kenya than birds in Malta,” he claimed. According to him, other conditions being imposed which are not necessitated by the Birds Directive are the prohibition of hunting on Sundays and the daily bag limitations. Mr Farrugia said that the federation was quite surprised when news of the hunting season was announced, as prior to that the feedback they got during talks with representatives from the Ministry of the Environment and the Office of The Prime Minister was rather encouraging.(independent.com.mt) The hunting season is surely an economic windfall.

Gas prices rise again
Gas prices are to rise again from Monday, Liquigas announced this evening. "The price of LPG on the international market has continued to suffer mainly due to an increase in the price of Butane. Furthermore, the strength of the dollar against the Euro continued to push the price up," it said. The following are the new prices. The 12kg cylinder, the most popular,had cost €18 after another steep rise in January. The new gas prices come days after a steep increase in the prices of fuel, with the price of a litre of unleaded going up by 6c. ENERGY BENEFIT UP. Meanwhile, the government said that it is raising the energy benefit for those families entitled to it. Families where a member is elderly, and elderly people who live alone will be given €30 as assistance linked to the gas price - an increase of €5. Other families also entitled to the benefit will be given a €5 increase to €20.(timesofmalta.com) These are the meanderings of humans that causes those of the scholarship

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