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05/04/2012 - 00:29

Malta news: second Air craft

Malta news: second Air craft - AFM unveils second King Air aircraft - Floriana local council - Outgoing mayor claims secret talks on power sharing - No exclusive right on 'Boogie Night', court rules.

Malta news: second Air craft
AFM unveils second King Air aircraft
The Armed Forces of Malta’s second King Air B200 maritime patrol aircraft was formally commissioned yesterday morning, almost a year to the day since the first was. In a roll-out ceremony at the AFM Air Wing base at the airport, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi symbolically poured champagne over the aircraft’s nose while members of the AFM band performed Fly Me to the Moon. An Air Wing member read out a psalm and army chaplain Joseph Meli read out a short prayer before he blessed the aircraft to the tune of Amazing Grace. The two King Air aircraft cost €19.4 million altogether, but the amount was mostly financed by the EU External Borders Fund. The twin-turboprop engine aircraft were built by US aerospace manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft, but required extensive customisation to meet the AFM Air Wing’s needs which was carried out by German company Aerodata AG. Outfitting the first aircraft was a “very difficult project”, Aerodata managing director Manfred Haverland acknowledged at the ceremony, noting that the company had to get used to the role of a prime contractor for the delivery of a complete maritime patrol aircraft. The task was made harder by the limited time available.(independent.com.mt) Against which it wants to fight?

Floriana local council - Outgoing mayor claims secret talks on power sharing
Outgoing Floriana mayor Nigel Holland, who is also in the running for a fifth consecutive term, slammed the two major political parties for what he described as an attempt to dishearten him as an independent candidate, by secretly trying to reach a deal on power sharing. Mr Holland made this claim when asked by The Malta Independent to comment on tonight’s meeting, the second in three days, during which the newly-elected councillors will try to reach an agreement on who will be mayor. No party gained an overall seat majority in the local elections of 10 March. Nigel Holland, who contested as an independent, could be set to benefit again from this political impasse as both parties are seemingly not prepared to support a rival councillor. This prospect seems more likely after unofficial talks behind closed doors between PN and PL representatives to reach a power sharing deal failed to lead to an agreement. According to informed sources both sides explored the possibility of having a two-year term each at the helm of the council. Speaking about this, Mr Holland confirmed he was aware of such talks and accused the two parties of trying to oust him from the political scene. “In contrast with the rest of the country, history shows that in Floriana the electorate prefers an independent councillor running the locality, and the fact that in the last four terms I was chosen as mayor proves this,” claimed the outgoing mayor.(independent.com.mt) But all the Latin peoples do that.

No exclusive right on 'Boogie Night', court rules
A court has refused to issue a warrant of prohibitory injunction against Joseph Zahra - known as DJ Commander Jay - after it concluded that the applicant, Matthew Caruana, had no exclusive rights over the words "Boogie Night". Mr Caruana filed his application in the First Hall of the Civil Court before Mr Justice Joseph Zammit McKeon. He requested the court to prohibit Mr Zahra from using the words "Boogie Night" for the promotion of musical and dancing activities. But Mr Zahra claimed that Mr Caruana held no exclusive rights over the words in issue. The court pointed out that Mr Caruana had applied to register the words "Boogie Night" with the Controller of Industrial Property as a trademark for use in his entertainment activities. Mr Caruana told the court that he had made use of the name "Boogie Nights" for some time, but Mr Zahra was organising a musical and dancing activity in Gozo on Saturday under the same name. Mr Justice Zammit McKeon said that the Controller of Industrial Property had only accepted to register Mr Caruana's trademark on the understanding that registration gave no exclusive right to the use of the words "Boogie" and "Night" except as distinctively reproduced.(timesofmalta.com) We can not possibly take ownership of some word in a language that many people speak.

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