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10/02/2012 - 22:28

Malta news: the oldest tower

Malta news: the oldest tower - Exterior of oldest tower in Malta to be restored - Romanian woman acquitted of drug importation - Police to file charges over oil spill.

Malta news: the oldest tower
Exterior of oldest tower in Malta to be restored
The exterior of the Wignacourt Tower in St Paul’s Bay – the oldest tower in Malta – will be restored with the allocation of a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and co-funding from the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA). Addressing a news conference yesterday, Simone Mizzi, executive president of Din l-Art Helwa, the NGO which manages the tower, explained this was the first historical site the organisation was made responsible for and the first it restored. She pointed out that Grand Master Wignacourt was a great devotee of St Paul and had the tower’s first stone laid on the feast dedicated to the saint. The tower was first leased to DLH in 1970, following a government notice that the lease was on condition of restoration. Forty-two years later, DLH is in charge of 17 historical sites and has been involved in the restoration of 37. This will be the fourth restoration process for the tower, following another two interventions, including one in 2007 – the European year dedicated to built heritage. Dr Stanley Farrugia Randon, a historian who has been taking care of the tower for the past 12 years, said that 15 years ago, the then national tourism organisation had sponsored restoration that focused on the interior so that the tower could be opened to the public and host an exhibition on fortifications.(independent.com.mt) It is important to maintain the cultural heritage of Malta, as it is unique in its diversity.

Romanian woman acquitted of drug importation
A Romanian woman was this morning unanimously acquitted of drug importation. Adela Mariana Creta, 24, stood trial for drug importation. She kept insisting on Wednesday that she had no idea that her bag contained a kilo of heroin. All nine-members of the jury voted for her acquittal. Ms Creta arrived by air from Brussels in August 2009 carrying a bag, which, she claimed, was given to her by her boyfriend.(timesofmalta.com) This poor woman was probably handle start to finish. Justice had a reaction to learning.

Police to file charges over oil spill
The police plan to file charges against Ballut Blocks over the oil spill in Mosta valley. “We intend to file charges in court for crimes of an involuntary nature,” the police said. The police also confirmed that the report that sparked the clean-up of the valley was made by a member of the public. The oil leaked from an old 45-gallon tank at the Ballut Blocks’ quarry yard. “It must be pointed out that negligence has not been ruled out in this case although the investigation has not yet been concluded,” the police added. Initially, the police had said that preliminary investigations indicated that “this was an accidental case”. Environment Minister Mario de Marco said earlier this week such oil spills were of “serious and grave concern” and he expected those responsible to be held fully accountable. The incident marred a 400-metre stretch of the picturesque valley near the chapel dedicated to St Catherine. The oil was cleaned in a two-day operation coordinated by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, which contracted the services of private pollution response company Alpha Briggs.(timesofmalta.com) Nowadays such pollution is disastrous, it is necessary that those responsible be punished.

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