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19/04/2012 - 01:54

Malta news: the promises of European integration

Manoel Island's development project - ‘European integration will not undermine role of the House’ - Less commuters between Malta and Gozo.

Malta news: the promises of European integration
Manoel Island's development project
Speaking on the Manoel Island's development project, MIDI plc stated that it is not negotiating nor discussing with Government or any other party in respect of the MIDI project itself other than the usual consultations with agencies (such as MEPA).
"The essence of Mr. Mizzi’s comment was simply to point out that contracts come with both rights and obligations and Midi can hardly be expected to give up its 'right' to develop the approved area on Manoel Island without being reimbursed for its onerous obligations and without being granted fair and adequate compensation for what it would forego.
It would be inconceivable to propose otherwise, both for the original investors as well as the over 700 public shareholders who invested in 2010 pursuant to a prospectus outlining the right to develop Manoel Island."
Midi has not held any discussions with Government on this subject and remains on course to develop Manoel Island according to the outline permits it holds. (maltastar.com) Shareholders should expect a positive outcome rather than the giving up of the proposed development. Indeed, the abandonment of the project would be highly problematic.

‘European integration will not undermine role of the House’
Further European integration will empower and not undermine the sovereignty of national parliaments as the Lisbon Treaty seeks to have an active participation of national parliaments in formulating European policies.
The President of the German Parliament, also known as the Bundestag, Prof. Norbert Lammert made this declaration during a public lecture about ‘The role of parliaments in the current financial and debt crises within the EU’ at the end of his official two-day visit to Malta yesterday evening. Prof. Lammert claimed that national parliaments are set to have a more influential role in future as they will no longer restrict themselves to ratify agreements, but will be called upon to participate in the drafting of important EU directives. (independent.com.m) Presumably this will not be unrequited...

Less commuters between Malta and Gozo
In the first quarter of 2012, commuters between Malta and Gozo decreased by 2.9 per cent, totalling 774,147 when compared to the corresponding period in 2011, the NSO revealed on Wednesday.
The number of vehicles carried by scheduled vessels went down by 4.3 per cent, totalling 223,866. The highest number of commuters was recorded in March (300,667 or 38.8 per cent of the total for the quarter). (maltamediaonline.com) Travel between the islands are a source of exchange and wealth. They should be encouraged.

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