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26/01/2012 - 21:22

Malta news: today´s vote

Mlata news: today´s vote - Franco Debono addresses house ahead of today´s vote - Abortion on the rise in countries where it is illegal - Franco Debono abstains, no confidence motion defeated with casting vote.

Malta news: today´s vote
Franco Debono addresses house ahead of today´s vote
PN backbencher Franco Debono yesterday addressed the House for over one hour and 10 minutes, in his usual tone, criticising the government and declaring he no longer backs the Prime Minister and the government he leads. He had a lot to say, too much for the time he had, even though he was given substantially more time than all the other MPs last night. Yet he still did not reveal his hand for tomorrow’s crucial vote. When his allocated hour passed, there was agreement in the House that he could speak for another 10 minutes. At around 9.15pm, three other MPs from his party were yet to speak. Dr Debono’s speech was rather disjointed, although he was consulting a pack of notes. Often he spoke fast and at times could not be understood. And when he finished, the strangers left, as did most of the MPs present. He made representatives in parliament and strangers in the gallery laugh when he compared his age to that of PL MP Joe Debono Grech. At other times MPs sighed.(independdent.com.mt)

Abortion on the rise in countries where it is illegal
While the World Health Organisation (WHO) is working on the findings of a report which says that higher abortion rates are being registered in countries where it is illegal, Malta’s only records on the number of women who terminate their pregnancies are those published by the British Department of Health. No records on the number of Maltese women who have abortions in other countries are available, and the health ministry doesn’t seem intent on publishing any such statistics. Abortion is illegal in Malta, but it is a well known fact that Maltese women seeking to terminate their pregnancy travel to the UK and Sicily to have an abortion. The procedure is also said to have been carried out in unauthorised clinics in Malta in the past.(independent.com.mt)

Franco Debono abstains, no confidence motion defeated with casting vote
Franco Debono abstained in the confidence vote in the government today, but the Opposition's no confidence motion was defeated with the Speaker's Casting vote after a tie of 34 votes in favour and 34 votes against. Debono took a step back from his previous declarations, opting to abstain rather than vote against the four-year-old Gonzi administration, thus ensuring its survival. The result means that, legally, the government can carry on, although questions will be raised about its stability and ability to govern, particularly since Dr Debono has declared that he will not support the government. It still has to be seen whether he will back the government on important legislation, including two money bills which are already before the House - or whether the government will depend on the Speaker's casting vote. The Prime Minister has already hinted that a tie would be an unsatisfactory solution to the current crisis.(timesofmalta.com)

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