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21/10/2007 - 19:32

EditoWeb NeWs Slovania: Slovenia's prolonged election campaign

Slovenia will elect a new president on Sunday. There are six candidates and a runoff vote on November 11 is expected. Former Prime Minister Lojze Peterle is touted as favourite, followed by the two left-wing candidates, former UN diplomat Danilo Türk and Mitja Gaspari, a former head of the central bank.

The xenophobic Zmaga Jelincic, who hopes to make it into the runoff, is said to have little chance of doing so. Mirjan Lesjak comments: "This year's presidential election campaign was inordinately long. The six candidates are to blame.

Not one of them qualified for the position of president of the republic by possessing qualities such as composure and patience, commitment to dialogue, mutual respect or a man-of-the-world air. ... We shouldn't depend too much on the promises made by these candidates to increase salaries or pensions, build new roads or cut taxes. Such things will be decided [at the parliamentary elections] next year."


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