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11/06/2012 - 23:24

Malta news: PM optimistic

Malta news: PM optimistic - PM optimistic about the economy - Malta needs a focused government – Muscat - Parliament to debate Franco Debono's motion tomorrow.

Malta news: PM optimistic
PM optimistic about the economy
Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi yesterday expressed his belief that the country’s economy will turn around in the coming months, claiming that tourism will be the key to coming out of recession. In an hour-long interview on Radio 101, Dr Gonzi acknowledged his concern about Friday’s announcement that Malta’s economy is officially in recession, after the National Statistics Office revealed that the economy shrank in real terms in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2011. He then pointed a finger at the leader of the Opposition, accusing him of ignoring the global economic downturn, backing his argument by referring to Spain’s request for a €100 billion aid package on Saturday. While expressing his bafflement at Joseph Muscat’s stance, he questioned the latter’s credibility, even with genuine Labour supporters who “unlike Dr Muscat are surely aware of the current international events”. The Prime Minister remarked that the tourism industry might hold the key for economic recovery, claiming that feedback from hoteliers and tour operators is very encouraging, and this can contribute for economic growth in the summer months. “There are no guarantees in the economy, but feedback from the tourism sector, prospects for exports and trends in the labour market point to a positive outlook” remarked Dr Gonzi. He reiterated his belief that the country still has a bright future. The Prime Minister described last week as a very hectic one which started with the “clear and unconditional” confidence vote in government on Monday and ended with the Spanish crisis. “The government is following closely events in Spain and in other countries such as Greece as these will have some sort of repercussion on Malta’s economy” stated Dr Gonzi.(independent.com.mt)  Why not?

Malta needs a focused government – Muscat
Opposition leader Joseph Muscat stated that right now the country needs a government that is focused on bringing the economy out of recession, and not one that is devoting its energies to addressing internal rifts. Speaking yesterday morning on ONE Radio from Dubai – where he is currently leading a Labour delegation which is scheduled to have talks with TECOM Investments – Dr Muscat said that the official announcement of the recession confirmed the general feeling that has been around for quite some time with families and businesses not able to make ends meet. He claimed that the economic output is below par, and that wealth is not being justly distributed. The Labour leader said he was genuinely depressed by news of the country’s recession, contrary to what is being claimed by the government. He added that the government’s response was not realistic, with the Finance Minister pointing a finger at everyone except his government. Dr Muscat remarked that the government must shoulder its responsibilities, not only when it suits it best, but also when things do not go according to plan. “The government should be honest and admit that the country ended up in this situation as a result of its failures” stated Dr Muscat. He added that the government has no economic credentials, while promising that a Labour government will have the necessary resources to address the situation. “While Tonio Fenech is now blaming ST Microelectronics for this economic downturn, he will then take the merit himself whenever the economy is performing and fail to pinpoint any company who has the lion’s share of the success” claimed the Labour leader. Dr Muscat remarked that the sharp increase in utility tariffs had a devastating effect especially on small businesses which he claimed are on their knees.(independent.com.mt) Today is a day, tomorow another days.

Parliament to debate Franco Debono's motion tomorrow
A motion for reforms in the sectors of justice and home affairs, proposed by Nationalist MP Franco Debono last November, is to start being debated in parliament tomorrow. The debate will be opened tomorrow at 7.30 p.m. by Dr Debono and is expected to continue on Wednesday.  The House also agreed that the opposition's motion calling for the resignation of Richard Cachia Caruana, Malta's envoy to the EU, will be debated in plenary sitting on Monday evening. Mr Cachia Caruana will face further questioning by MPs tomorrow during a sitting of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Dr Debono last week voted with the Opposition in a motion of no confidence in Home Affairs Miister Carm Mifsud Bonnici but then immediately said he would not vote against the government in the motion about Mr Cachia Caruana. During the debate on the no confidence motion against Dr Mifsud Bonnici he repeatedly complained that his motion, presented a month before the opposition's, had not been brought up for debate.(timesofmalta.com) A motion is always negotiable.

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