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19/07/2012 - 23:41

Malta news: PN government has 'finished'

Malta news: PN government has 'finished' - ‘Government should seek to complete its full term’ - Maltese are the laziest study suggests - Muscat: The PN government has 'finished' - the people did not vote for a coalition government.

Malta news: PN government has 'finished'
‘Government should seek to complete its full term’
According to former Minister Francis Zammit Dimech, the government should seek to serve its full term in office and not call a general election prematurely, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. The Nationalist MP, whose political career seems to have been rejuvenated in sharp contrast to other Nationalist MPs who lost their place in the cabinet following the 2008 general election, was speaking to The Malta Independent in the wake of Tuesday’s executive committee meeting. A motion tabled by Dr Zammit Dimech unanimously absolved former Ambassador Richard Cachia Caruana of any wrong doing, rejecting Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s request for his expulsion. The fate of the government still hangs in the balance and much will depend on today’s meeting between the Prime Minister and Dr Pullicino Orlando, who requested to meet Dr Gonzi following Tuesday’s events. The rebel PN backbencher had declared that he would consider his position within the party if he felt that the executive committee hearing was a case of fait accompli. The meeting should go some way in clearing the air between them following remarks by Dr Pullicino Orlando that the Prime Minister had prejudiced the whole issue by labelling the charges against Mr Cachia Caruana as a “frame-up attempt”. In his comments Dr Zammit Dimech said that following five hours of debate during which Dr Pullicino Orlando presented his evidence, he felt that there was no shred of evidence which could in any way corroborate the charges levelled against the former EU ambassador.(independent.com.mt) A government that does not finish his term that is never good.

Maltese are the laziest study suggests
The Maltese may be the most sedentary population on earth, and physical inactivity may be to blame in nearly a fifth of premature deaths in Malta, according to reports published yesterday. John Cordina writes The website of medical journal The Lancet published a series of papers focusing on physical activity yesterday. Their findings, as far as Malta is concerned, are far from encouraging. One of the studies, led by Pedro Hallal from the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil, focused on global physical activity levels, using 159 surveys to obtain estimates of physical activity in 122 countries which, put together, represent 89% of the world’s population. Physical inactivity was defined as failing to engage in exercise in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity five times a week, 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity three times a week or an equivalent combination of exercise. Less than a third of the world’s population – 31.1% to be exact – falls under the definition, according to the report’s data. But the rate goes up to a staggering 71.9% in Malta, the highest rate recorded. Swaziland comes second with a rate of 69%, followed by Saudi Arabia at 68.8% and Serbia and Argentina at 68.3%. Bangladesh was found to be the most physically active country of the 122 included in the study, with an inactivity rate of just 4.7%. The best-performing European country is Greece, where a physical inactivity rate of 15.6% is reported.(independent.com.mt) Sport is very important.

Muscat: The PN government has 'finished' - the people did not vote for a coalition government
Labour leader Joseph Muscat said this evening that Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando's resignation from the PN meant that Malta now had a hung parliament Speaking at a press conference, Dr Muscat said the people did not vote for a coalition government but a PN government, and this government finished today. Therefore the prime minister should assume his responsibility and take the decision he should have taken a long time ago, by calling a general election. Power should not come before duty, Dr Muscat said. He noted that he had repeatedly warned that unless the prime minister went to the country, the situation would deteriorate, and that was what was happening. Asked whether he would move a confidence vote, Dr Muscat said the ball was in Dr Gonzi's court, but the only honourable thing for the prime minister was to call a general election.(timesofmalata.com) Election battles are always particularly violent.

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