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USA UK and Malta News
18/04/2009 - 00:31

UK & USA Today Editoweb 17 April 2009

G20 man 'died of haemorrhage' - US cargo captain returns to hero's welcome - Small Plane Crashes Into House In America - Fir Tree Found Growing Inside Man's Lung - Cuba Ready To Talk About 'Everything' With US.

UK & USA Today Editoweb 17 April 2009
G20 man 'died of haemorrhage'
Ian Tomlinson died of an abdominal haemorrhage and not a heart attack, a second post-mortem has shown.
The newspaper vendor, who was struck and shoved to the ground by police during the G20 protests, was initially thought to have died from a heart attack.
But a second examination contradicted these findings, Mr Tomlinson's family solicitor said.

US cargo captain returns to hero's welcome
US cargo ship captain Richard Phillips returned Friday to a hero's welcome -- and a home-cooked meal -- after surviving capture by Somali pirates and a bloody rescue.
Phillips, 53, touched down in Burlington, Vermont, aboard a plane operated by his shipping company Maersk.
The bearded merchant sailor, hailed for giving himself up to pirates in exchange for the safety of his crew and ship, beamed with pleasure as he was reunited with his family.

Small Plane Crashes Into House In America
A small plane has crashed into a house in Florida, slicing the property down the middle. Skip related content TV images showed the home with a gaping hole in it and smoke could be seen rising from the crash site.
The house burst into flames when the plane went down, but firefighters were able to quickly contain it, authorities said.
The aircraft, believed to be a twin-engined Cessna 421, came down in Oakland Park, shortly after taking off from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport.

Fir Tree Found Growing Inside Man's Lung
A man who complained to doctors of severe chest pains was stunned when told his suspected tumour was actually a fir tree growing inside his lung. Artyom Sidorkin, 28, from the Urals region of Russia, is believed to have inhaled a seed which then sprouted inside him.
Doctors were convinced he had cancer after he came to them complaining of agonising chest pains and coughing up blood.
An X-ray showed what was believed to be a tumour, and he was rushed to the operating theatre.

Cuba Ready To Talk About 'Everything' With US
Cuba is open to talks with the United States about "everything" including political prisoners, President Raul Castro has said.
His statement indicates a major softening of the communist island's stance toward its long-term foe.
"We have sent messages to the US government in private and in public that we are willing to discuss everything, whenever they want," Mr Castro said.
He made the remarks during an impassioned speech to a meeting of leftist leaders in Venezuela on the anniversary of a failed US-led invasion of Cuba in 1961.

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