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23/01/2012 - 20:43

Malta news: seek temporary solutions

Malta news: seek temporary solutions - ‘We are ready to shoulder responsibility’ – Muscat - ‘I will not try to seek temporary solutions’ – PM - No confidence motion - Outcome will be measured by the prime minister's own yardstick - Muscat.

Malta news: seek temporary solutions
‘We are ready to shoulder responsibility’ – Muscat
Opposition Leader Joseph Muscat yesterday declared that he is ready to face challenges, shoulder responsibility and lead. “By means of the principles that distinguish and unite us, I am ready to decide, to unite, to serve and to lead,” he said while closing the Labour Party’s annual general conference, characterised by statements that clearly indicated that the PL is eagerly waiting for the starting pistol for the election campaign. The movement he leads is “united in its belief in the individual’s liberty and that the state should not interfere in matters that do not appertain to it”. It believes in equality of opportunities, in social justice, in the creation of wealth, in the private sector and in social mobility, with everyone having a chance. “This is not the country of a clique,” he emphasised. Dr Muscat expressed his party’s vision, noting how it has transformed itself.(independent.com.mt)

‘I will not try to seek temporary solutions’ – PM
Giving his strongest hint that an election is being actively considered in the prevailing political scenario, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi yesterday stated he is not attempting to solve problems temporarily, or “till next Thursday”, because the country needs long-term planning. He emphasised that solutions can be found but these will not be conditional, otherwise they would not be solutions at all. He promised he will do what he can for the government to regain its strength but there must be “clarity” till the end of the legislature. The government is this week facing a vote of no-confidence presented by the Opposition following declarations made by Nationalist MP Franco Debono. The debate will start today and the vote will be taken Thursday. While speaking to a packed hall at the Żebbuġ PN offices, Dr Gonzi said jobs, tourism and the future of our children need long-term planning. Solutions must let the government complete its agenda based on the electoral programme the people have voted for. “If this road is taken, we will be able to move on but if not, we will go for a general election,” he said. “However, it is not in our country’s interest to have a general election now, when experts are preparing for an EU summit to discuss whether, or not, the agreement reached in December will be implemented for Europe to recover”.(independdent.com.mt)

No confidence motion - Outcome will be measured by the prime minister's own yardstick - Muscat
Opposition leader Joseph Muscat stressed this evening that by the prime minister's own benchmarks, the country would not get stability if a motion of no confidence was not defeated by a government majority on Thursday. Dr Muscat was speaking at the opening of the debate on the no confidence motion - hours after rebel Nationalist MP Franco Debono indicated that he may abstain rather than vote against the no confidence motion. That would mean equal votes in favour and against the motion. Such an outcome, Dr Muscat said, would still not achieve the benchmarks which the prime minister had set - clarity, durability and the absence of pre-conditions. The following is the debate as it unfolds: Opposition leader JOSEPH MUSCAT - Dr Muscat said this was the second time in a short time that the House was being asked to declare whether it had confidence in the government. The first debate was held at the request of the prime minister in the wake of the vote of confidence in Transport Minister Austin Gatt, when the Speaker had to use his casting vote after an MP abstained. At the time, Dr Gonzi said the people deserved to know where they stood with regard to governing stability and it was in the national interest that the country had stability.(timesofmalta.com)

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